by Harry Lewis

As you may have seen in today’s press release, we’ve announced the addition of Electronics for Imaging, Inc. (EFI), to the AFPC. EFI is joining as a participating member, which means their representatives will be joining our working groups and face-to-face meetings.

As you well know, working groups are where many of the major advancements in AFP are developed and fine-tuned. Through collaboration, we set the course for major policy initiatives that have lasting effects on AFP. Clearly, EFI is ready to roll up its sleeves and get working with us on the future of AFP. They’re joining at an exciting time, as we push forward on tagging and metadata, among other projects. I’m eager to incorporate what EFI, as a major international player in the imaging space, brings to the table, and I’m sure you are, too.

So join me in giving EFI a big welcome! And if you’d like to learn more about the news, read the press release, available here and on our In the News page.