At Xploration 14 in Miami last week, the esteemed international organization, Xplor, honored me with the Brian Platte Lifetime Achievement Award. I’d like to thank the Xplor committee, which chose me from a very deserving and competitive field, as well as everyone else involved in my nomination and selection.

I’d also like to thank Brian Platte. It was a pleasure to know him, both personally and professionally. Brian’s vision and his ability to articulate solutions based on AFP have always inspired me. Without his contributions, the architecture could not have become all that it is today.

While I was unable to attend the awards ceremony – I was in London with ISO TC130, working on future standards – I could not feel more proud to be associated with Brian Platte, or more humbled to receive the award that is connected to his memory and contributions. I am proud to be a part of the organization that continues to innovate AFP. It is fulfilling to honor Brian by continuing the work he held so dear.

Thanks again to the people involved in my winning this award. I will do everything I can to continue earning it, every day.